The house has lived for several years, but this window
It's really nothing to pass on
The windowsill will leak when it rains
The effect of sound insulation is poor and it is not kept warm
There's no time to be happy all the year round
Living in some of the old district residents are also perennial feel hot in summer and cold winter, rainy day balcony leaking troubles, living on the street is more trouble, the old window with poor sound insulation, led directly to reduce the quality of sleep at night.
So, for today's theme, it's about replacing the broken bridge aluminum windows.
In recent years, most families have changed into broken bridges and aluminum doors and windows.
Live in fidelity garden Yang aunt, past a rainy day the balcony is leaking, the ground is covered with a large basin and a variety of small pots of cloth, brush brush does not come, to replace the broken bridge aluminum window and then there have been no leaks, really worry and effort;
The Liu Jie family lived in Xianyang, do not open the window, downstairs cries and the sound of the horn can hear truly, really make people feel confused in mind, replacing the broken bridge aluminum window, it is a very obvious difference, close the window, the house is very quiet, almost hear the call downstairs to sell sound, a good rest, the body is also getting better and better.
Li Ge, who lives in Hexi, has children in his family. Every winter, besides heating, heating and heating equipment, the indoor temperature can be guaranteed. Since the renovation of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, the indoor temperature has improved significantly, and the whole family is happy.
Meng Jie, an eco city, also closed the existing terrace with broken bridge aluminum. Her specially designed broken bridge aluminum color is very coordinated with both extension and interior decoration, which is cool in winter and warm in summer, but also expands indoor activity space, giving the two children greater activity area.
There are many examples like this, why do the people choose to replace the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, why 98% new houses use the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?
Why is it recommended to do the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?
The broken bridge heat insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows are more and more favored by the market due to their outstanding advantages, such as high strength, good thermal insulation, good rigidity, good fire resistance, large lighting area, good corrosion resistance, high comprehensive performance, long service life and good decorative effect. High grade aluminum alloy doors and windows with broken bridge insulation have gradually become the first choice products for windows of high grade buildings.
Why is the "broken bridge insulated aluminum"?
”断桥隔热铝” 这个名字中的“桥”是指材料学意义上的“冷热桥”,而“断”字表示动作,也就是“把冷热桥打断”。
"Bridge insulated aluminum" this name in the "bridge" refers to the material sense of "cold bridges", and "off" said action, or "cold bridges interrupted".
Concretely speaking, because aluminum alloy is metal and heat conduction is faster, so when the temperature difference between inside and outside is quite different, aluminum alloy can become a bridge of heat transfer. Such material is made into doors and windows, and its heat insulation performance is not good. The broken bridge aluminum is the aluminum alloy disconnected from the middle. It uses the heat insulation strip to connect the disconnected aluminum alloy into one, so that the heat is not easy to pass through the whole material, and the heat insulation performance of the material is also better. This is the origin of the name of "broken bridge heat insulation aluminum".
The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows generally include two main bodies: insulated aluminum profile and insulating glass.
Analysis of the advantages of insulated aluminum for broken bridges
1.断桥隔热铝保温隔热性好。采用隔热型材内外框软性结合,边框上采用三元乙丙胶条密封,关闭严密,气密、水密性能特佳、保温性能优越;窗扇采用中空玻璃 结构,使窗户真正显示出隔音、隔热、保温、功能卓越,大量节省采暧和制冷费用,传热系数K值经检测1.8—2.5w/2K以下,节能效果显着 ,几年的节能费用足以弥补前期的投资。
1. insulation aluminum insulation insulation good heat insulation. The insulation material inside and outside the frame with soft frame adopts three EPDM rubber strips, closed tight, air tightness, water tightness performance, good heat insulation performance is excellent; the window sash with hollow glass structure, the window shows the real sound insulation, heat insulation, thermal insulation, functional excellence, save a lot of heating and cooling costs, heat transfer coefficient the K value detected by 1.8 2.5w/2K, significant energy saving effect, saving energy costs enough to make up for years of pre investment.
2. 断桥隔热铝防水功能。利用压力平衡原理设计有结构排水系统,设排水口,排水畅通,水密性好。
2. insulated aluminum waterproof function of the broken bridge. Using the principle of pressure balance to design a structure drainage system, set up drainage port, drainage unimpeded, good water tightness.
3. 断桥隔热铝防结露、结霜。断桥铝型材可实现门窗的三道密封结构,多的甚至可以达到8道密封,合理分离水汽腔,成功实现气水等压平衡,显著提高门窗的水密性和气密性,达到窗净明亮的效果。
3. broken bridge heat insulation aluminum dew, frosting. The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can be realized in three sealing structure, many can even reach 8 seals, reasonable separation of water vapor chamber, the successful implementation of the gas water pressure balance, improve the doors and windows of the water tightness and air tightness, to the bright window of the net effect.
4. 断桥隔热铝防蚊虫纱窗设计。隐形纱窗,可内外选择安装使用,具有防蚊虫,苍蝇,尤其适合北方多蚊虫地区。也可选择防盗纱窗,具有防盗功能。
4. anti mosquitoes screen design for insulating aluminum. Invisible screens, can choose the installation and use of inside and outside, with anti mosquito, flies, mosquitoes and more especially for the North area. Also can choose anti-theft screen window, with anti-theft function.
5. broken bridge insulation aluminum anti-theft, anti loosening device. With a unique multi - point hardware lock to ensure the stability and safety of the windows in use.
6. 断桥隔热铝防噪隔音。其结构经精心设计,接缝严密,试验结果,空气隔声量达到隔音30--40db,能保证在高速公路两侧50米内的居民不受噪音干扰,毗邻闹市也可保证室内宁静温馨。
6. broken bridge insulation aluminum noise insulation. The structure was designed, tight joints, test results, the amount of air noise to noise 30--40db, can guarantee the Highway 50 meters on both sides of the residents is not affected by noise interference, adjacent to downtown can ensure the quiet and warm room.
7. 断桥隔热铝防火功能。 铝合金为金属材料,不会燃烧。
7. insulation aluminum fire protection function. Aluminum alloy is metal material, and it will not burn.
8.断桥隔热铝防风沙、抗风压。内框直料采用空心设计、抗风压变形能力强 ,抗震动效果好。可用于高层 建筑及民用住宅,可设计大面积窗型,采光面积大;这种窗的气密性比任何铝、塑窗都 好,能保证风沙大的地区室内窗台和地板无灰尘。
8. broken bridge insulated aluminum anti wind sand, anti wind pressure. The inner frame materials are designed by hollow design, strong resistance to wind pressure and good anti vibration effect. Can be used for high-rise buildings and residential design, large window type, large lighting area; this window air tightness are better than any aluminum and plastic, to ensure that large areas of sand and dust free indoor windowsill floor.
9. 断桥隔热铝强度高不变型,免维护。断桥铝门窗体抗拉伸和抗剪切强度及抵御热变形能力强度高,坚固耐用断桥铝型材不易受酸碱侵蚀,不易变黄褪色,几乎不必保养。
9. broken bridge insulation aluminum strength high unvariable, maintenance free. The aluminum gate form of broken bridge has high tensile strength and shear strength and high resistance to thermal deformation. It is strong and durable. The broken bridge aluminum profile is not susceptible to acid and alkali erosion, and it is not easy to change yellow and fade. It hardly needs maintenance.
10. 断桥隔热铝多
10. aluminum broken bridge insulated aluminum


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